How to Create a Good Business Name

by on May 25, 2017

Choosing the name of your business is a big decision. It should be something that you like personally but at the same time, something that grabs the attention of your targeted audience. Creating a name for your business is not always an easy task and it should be thought out carefully. There are many things to take into consideration. So, how do you get started?

Here’s how to create a good business name for your company:

  • Sit down and make a list of everything you can think of that might be a good name for your business. Consider the nature of your company, your target audience and your specialty when jotting down names.
  • Look for names that clearly represent your business. You want people to know right away what your company is all about but at the same time, try not to be too generic. You do want to make a lasting impression.
  • Get creative and try to come up with a name that creates a positive and emotional connection to your company. When possible, add a visual element to help make the name more memorable and use symbols or metaphors in place of words when appropriate.
  • Keep it short and simple. It should be easy to pronounce. You don’t want your customers getting tongue tied when telling others about your business. It should also be easy to spell so potential customers can easily find you when searching for more information.

After choosing a name for your business, do your research or hire someone to make sure it is available to prevent infringement. Once you know the name is legally available, trademark it to prevent anyone else from using it later.